We create long-term relationships based upon mutual respect. Thus we serve our translators, and by doing so, we best serve our clients. We believe in interdependent companies and individuals sharing ideas and experiences to create foreign language solutions synergistically.

Our translators:

█ Are specialists in their chosen fields

█ Fully understand and are qualified in the subject matter they translate

█ Are experienced linguists who translate into their native tongues

█ Are fully able to multi-task and work in more than one discipline, such as the financial implications of a scientific development

█ Can work easily in all the main languages, English, Japanese, Chinese, German, Russian, Korean and Spanish, etc.

█ Are supported by a carefully- selected panel of external translators, specialists in their fields.

Through the above quality control process, we can ensure that our translations:

█ Are accurate in language and meaning;

█ Are consistent in terminology;

█ Are consistent in terminology;

█ Are consistent with the language customs of the original work;

█ Are delivered on time.

If you have any question about the quality of our work, we can arrange to let you evaluate our quality at no charge to you: after we have agreed on the work to be done, we will do a sample translation. Our translators will continue only if you approve the sample.
If the sample is not approved, it will be assigned to another translator. If the work still does not meet with your satisfaction, the agreement may be cancelled at your option, at no charge to you.