To guarantee service quality and timely delivery, we take reasonable and strict flow for every project. 
1. Project Manager goes through the original and makes schedule; 
2. PM dispatches the jobs to translators with relevant professional backgrounds; 
3. Translators process the jobs, which is monitored by PM according to the schedule; 
4. Translators deliver their jobs successively, and PM selects appropriate experienced proofreaders to do the proofreading; 
5. PM takes an overall review of the finished project for final check of contents and formats; 
6. PM delivers the translation to the client in the agreed way and is ready to offer the follow-up services such as explanation and revision; 
7. PM assesses the performances of translators and proofreaders involved in the project, gives them the feedbacks and archives the files and glossaries concerned to ensure consistent quality and style for the same client. 

We are keeping improving service quality and efficiency through the above flow, aiming to meet, even exceed, the expectations of our clients: Accurate Expression, Smooth Writing, Unified Terms, Stable Quality