Translation, Interpretation, DTP, Printing, Software Localization, Website Designing, etc. 
Translation Department: Translation of many languages and different industries,including software, film, video ,mutimedia and website translation, etc. 

DTP Department: Desktop publishing, including Chinese and foreign language typesetting, scanning, layout, designing, film production and printing. 

Interpretation Department: Interpretation of all types and languages, including simultaneous interpretation and simultaneous interpretation equipment lease, etc. 

Software Localization Department: This department provides software localization service. 

Website Designing Department: This department provides website designing, web page designing and website promoting services. 

Languages: Chinese, English, Japanese, German, French, Korean, Russian, Spanish,Portuguese,Italian, Arabic,Vietnam,Thai,Mongolian,New Mongolian,Hungarian,Hebrew etc. 

Technical Disciplines: Machinery, Electronics, Communication, Automation, Telecommunications, Instrument, Medical, Sanitary, Petroleum, Chemical Industry, Biology, Energy resources, Electric Power, IT, Steel, Automobile, Environment Protection, Computer, Multimedia,Textile, Printing and Dyeing, Garments, Food and Beverage, Agriculture, Metallurgy, Aerospace, Real Estate, Construction, Building Material, Transportation,Bank, Securities, Insurance, Economy and Finance, Commerce and Trade, Policy,Management, Science and Education, Entertainment, Advertising, Literature, etc.

Website localization and internalization

Software localization

Interpretation Service: Conferences Exhibition 
Tour /Shopping guide News Release 
Accompanying Chair 
Teaching lessons Proseminar 
Sales Promo